Interview With Abhishek SN (The man behind Neralaagi)

Creativity is said to be a natural extension of a person's enthusiasm. With no destination to reach and no limit to follow, one can be creative at all fronts naturally. To prove this, we have with us today Abhishek SN who is a writer, singer, composer, lyricist, photographer and above all, a software engineer. BP had a great time talking to multi talented Abhishek SN and here is what he revealed about himself.

Hema: Who is Abhishek? A techie, writer/blogger, lyricist or a singer.

Abhishek SN: Abhishek,aah.. I would describe as just another creative person. If you want me to describe myself as one of those between a writer, singer,  music composer, lyricist,  photographer or a techie, it just gets tough for me. I have been into in all these fields. Creativity can spring out in any field that you are interested or passionate about. So I don't want to restrict myself as just one of those. But if you actually think about it, most of those fields are a part of "film making" as such, and that's what is my prime interest, though I can't be called as an independent film maker yet.

Hema: Tell our readers first about your journey of becoming a techie.

Abhishek SN: Journey has been extremely smooth. Since my days of childhood, I had great interest in science & technology. May be that & even my parent's wishes got me on to Engineering college in 2001. Finished my B.E degree in 2005 by getting a 9th rank for the university. This earned me a role of software engineer at R&D division of Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs innovations. Later moved on to Cisco Systems, with an year of experience in the former role. Its been 8 years now as a techie, with a B.E and M.S(BITS Pilani) degree attached to me.

Hema: How come this drift?

Abhishek SN: I don't prefer to call it as a drift because i haven't discontinued being a techie. I'am still one and am a person who explores myself in everything that interests me.

When social networking over the internet, opened up widely in 2005-2006 in India, I started a discussion forum website exclusively for Kannada, which was rarely found those days. I called it 
Maja Maadi. There were more than 25000 registered Kannadigas on the website discussing various topics. I also started a free Kannada internet radio called Maja Maadi Radio. Even that was widely heard over the globe. 
This response motivated me to write blogs and publicize it on my discussion forum. Some my blogs looked very interesting to film maker Dayal Padmanabhan. He made me get a hang on the basic grammar involved in script writing for a movie, by making me a part of his team. Slowly I became an associate screenplay writer and co-dialogue writer with him for kannada movies. My interest on writing poems made me a lyricist too. 
Then it was my interest in music composition, which turned me into a music director. 
Similarly, my interest in photography & the science involved in it,  made me a candid photographer.
All of these happened parallely, being a techie too.

Hema: Technical or creative, share your insights on both.

Abhishek SN: Being Technical or being creative ... both mutually complement each other. You need to be good at the technical basics, to implement your creative thoughts, be it any field. In the same way, just being technical and being not at all creative in it, is simply useless of you being in that field! This applies to all fields whether its music , photography , engineering or script writing which i have been into too.

Hema: Share your latest projects/achievement with our readers.

Abhishek SN: Something that's very recent that I can talk about is "Neralaagi". It is Kannada's biggest independent music album, which was written, composed and produced by me. It has 9 songs in it. I have sung 5 songs out of them. The rest of the songs have been sung by singers like Sadhana Sargam, Aishwarya Majmudar. During the time when big independent music albums were not at all being produced in Kannada  I took this step just for the love for music and Kannada  The album was received well both in terms of physical CD reach and online sales. People can watch some videos and trailers of the album on you tube  Its available for free listening on sites like saavn , musicindiaonline. You could download it on Nokia Ovi Music, Amazon, iTunes and Junglee too.

This music album also stood at Top 1, on Flipkart Mp3 for around a month, beating other Kannada movie music downloads.

Success of this self-made album, even earned me couple of good music directional offers in movies, which I would announce sooner.

Hema: Your golden words for youth.

Abhishek SN: Youth is something which you cannot afford to waste a bit of it. As children you can just spend time understanding things around you... as old men, you can only spend time enjoying facilities around you. But its only the youth which can implement what you want around you. So get into multiple things which interest you, while also focusing on the important ones.

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