Nan Life Alli!!!

Nan Life Alli is a new Kannada film on its way to release. The movie features SindhuLokanath and AneeshTejeshwar. The film is directed by Ramdeep R and produced by Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar. It is a pleasure of BP to be talking to cast and crew about the film. So, for all our Kannada movie fans here, here is an insight to this upcoming movie and also some inputs from Mr. Ramdeep R, the director of the film.

Hema: What does Nan life Alli mean? 
Director: Everyone will have there own story,if some one comes and goes in anyone’s life, it may be friend, father, mother, brother or anyone and it may be past tense, present or future of any one’s life – that’s Nan Life Alli

Hema: What is Nan life alli to you? 
Director:  It is everything to me. In fact, it is my life.

Hema: Tell our readers about how the concept came into light.
Director: When I was in UK, I was recalling my college days and with that my loneliness together created Nan Life Alli.

Hema: Take us to making of this film. Did everything fall in place or the team had to put in extra efforts to make it happen?
Director: Always we can plan better, but you can expect unexpected things at set. We lost one whole day while shooting climax after planning so much.

Hema: Kannada films today are subjected to lot of criticism, while the new wave says that they are not allowed to put their thoughts freely, the older generation says Kannada films lack creativity. What is your take on this? 
Director: I completely disagree, no one will stop you if you are strong enough to convince your thought to producer.

Hema: Class or mass..where would Nan Life alli fit? 
Director: Class with mass. It is a fusion of class and mass.

Hema: The trailer is already a hit on YouTube, how important is digital and online marketing for films?
Director: It is very very important, now a days almost everyone carry smartphones, so we can reach them via so many social media’s like YouTube,Facebook twitter,email,StumbleUpon twitter,Google+ and so many with in a minute. That makes our job very easy.

Hema: As a director do you believe that YouTube viewers get converted to film viewers? 
Director: It will , if not definitely at least 30% of them will watch nan life alli.

Thanks Mr. Ramdeep for your time and we wish Nan Life Alli, a huge success.

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